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5 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

September 25, 2023

More than ever men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy. Why? Well, there isn’t one reason. Instead, there are several ways in which testosterone replacement therapy can help men as they age. Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays several important roles in the body beyond just sexual function and the production of sperm. Testosterone naturally decreases as we age, so a boost can be highly beneficial! Here are 5 benefits of testosterone replacement therapy:

1. More Energy

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Low testosterone levels are commonly associated with lower energy levels. That’s because testosterone plays a crucial role in erythropoiesis, or the production of red blood cells. When your production of red blood cells is limited by low testosterone, your energy levels decline. One of the best benefits of testosterone replacement therapy is the reported increase in energy that many men experience. Many patients experience a boost in energy almost immediately when beginning testosterone replacement therapy.

2. Improved Mood

Symptoms of low testosterone can include depression, fatigue and irritability. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you feel less depressed and irritable, boosting your overall sense of well-being and mood! A 2018 retrospective study published in Pharmacopsychiatry found that men who turned to testosterone replacement therapy showed significant improvement in depression scores.

3. Better Libido

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As you age, it’s normal for your testosterone levels to decline, which could manifest itself in the form of low libido. A 2006 study spoke to 1,500 men about their sex drive and measured their testosterone levels. It found that men who reported lower sexual drive had a higher chance of having low testosterone levels. Numerous studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy can improve both libido and sex drive in men with low testosterone. Low testosterone when combined with other factors may contribute to erectile dysfunction although many potential causes exist.

4. Stronger Bone Density

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy include helping to improve bone density. Men diagnosed with low testosterone levels often have lower bone density and men with low bone density are often found to have low testosterone levels. Decades ago, researchers found that testosterone therapy significantly increased bone mineral density hypogonadal men regardless of age. The study found that men can maintain normal bone density levels by undergoing continuous, long-term testosterone replacement therapy.

5. Reduction in Fat & Increase in Muscle

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Testosterone plays a role in both fat distribution and the ability to build and maintain muscle mass. Low testosterone can increase belly fat while simultaneously making it more difficult to put and keep on muscle. When combined with exercise, testosterone replacement therapy can help men with lower levels of testosterone lose significant amounts of weight. This boost of testosterone helps to normalize your levels, resulting in an increased metabolism that helps you burn more calories and shed some pounds!

These incredible benefits of testosterone replacement therapy have helped countless men feel better, improve their individual wellness and attack all aspects of life! Waters Wellness is proud to offer testosterone replacement therapy services. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!