Services at Waters Wellness

Discover How We Can Help You

Bio-Identical Hormones

  • Fully customized hormone therapy available for women
  • Assistance in transferring prescriptions from another pharmacy
  • Saliva kits for hormone testing
  • Consultations provided to help determine the best treatment plan for your needs

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Includes saliva kit purchase and consultation with experts
  • Treatment plan that is developed to fit your needs
  • Online consultations provided for convenience


  • Consultations available
  • Help provided to understand options and select best medication for your needs
  • Solution is tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences

Weight Loss

  • Lipo B and Semaglutide are two highly effective weight loss solutions
  • Lipo B injection helps boost metabolism and increase energy levels
  • Semaglutide is an FDA-approved medication that helps control appetite and manage blood sugar levels
  • Expert guidance provided for your weight loss journey
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Try Our Supplements and Feel the Difference

  • Wide selection of high-quality supplements
  • Personalized recommendations provided by health professionals
  • Supplement consultations offered to help you make informed decisions
  • Supplements to support overall health and well-being available


  • Quality care from wherever you are
  • Connect with our pharmacists virtually
  • Get guidance on a treatment plan that fits your needs