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6 Ways to Treat a Summer Skin Rash

May 10, 2023

Did You Know: skin rashes tend to pop up more commonly in the summer months!?! The most common of these summer skin rashes is a heat rash, or prickly heat, caused by a blockage and inflammation in the sweat ducts. Generally speaking, these rashes can be made worse by summer heat and high levels of humidity. These summer skin rashes often cause tiny bumps, blisters or red spots, an irritating itching and prickling sensation and redness or mild swelling in the affected area. Here are 6 ways to treat a summer skin rash:

1. Antihistamines

over the counter medicine

Over-the-counter antihistamines can provide relief from the itching sensation associated with a summer skin rash. Available in both topical and oral form, antihistamines work by reducing the impact of histamine, which relieves allergy symptoms, in your body. During an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines which cause your allergy symptoms. Antihistamines work their magic by decreasing the effects of histamine on certain cell receptors.

2. Ointments

Topical ointments can provide relief from your summer skin rash! A doctor might suggest you use an ointment like calamine lotion to treat the usual symptoms of a summer skin rash. Calamine lotion is beneficial for the skin because it contains zinc oxide. Typically, ointments help to cut down on the level of itchiness you’re experiencing in the affected area.

3. Steroid Creams

steroid cream being applied

Steroid creams have been shown to be effective in reducing the level of itch caused by a summer skin rash. Hydrocortisone cream is a type of corticosteroid that may help to improve the symptoms of a summer skin rash. Hydrocortisone creams are available over the counter so you don’t need a doctor’s prescription! Apply this cream once or twice a day to achieve the best results.

4. Cool Baths & Showers

Summer skin rashes typically ease up when the skin is cooled down. The best way to efficiently do this is to take a cold bath or shower. Bathing in cool water lowers the temperature of the skin while washing it helps to unclog the pores. It’s these clogged pores that created this summer skin rash in the first place! Make sure to fully dry off when you’re done as skin that’s left wet can become irritated.

5. Oatmeal

oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is a popular home remedy to treat a summer skin rash that really works! Use oatmeal when bathing to reduce the level of itching and inflammation you’re experiencing. Put 1-2 cups of oatmeal in a lukewarm bath and soak for 20 minutes to achieve the maximum benefits possible from this awesome home remedy!

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that works to keep the skin cool while simultaneously preventing infections. Aloe vera is commonly used to treat sunburn. The idea here is the same! Aloe vera can help soothe any swelling or pain that you’re experiencing in the affected area.

These methods of treating a summer skin rash will help you receive relief from your pesky symptoms! The team at Waters Wellness is always here to help no matter what health issues you’re experiencing! Explore all the services offered at Waters Wellness!